Gem&I is our 1986 Catalina 30 tall-rig sailboat that we have made our home.  Come aboard to check out what she looks like below deck!

My little galley (kitchen) is outfitted with a two burner stove and oven heated with a CNG tank (natural gas).  I used several small storage baskets to line the galley shelf as my spice rack.  We keep our pots stacked one inside the other in a large drawer.  A toaster oven in the corner allows us to save our CNG when we are hooked up to shore power.  Our refrigerator is a deep ice box to the left of the stove, and when deliberately organized, I can pack it full of provisions for several days.

Our salon (living/dining room) is 10 feet wide (beam = widest part of the boat) and feels roomy enough to relax or share a meal.  We have two benches called settees; one is an L-shaped, sectional couch that wraps around the table area and the other settee is a straight bench between our wardrobe and navigation station.  Damian installed a small, flat screen TV in our salon beside a built-in cabinet that we keep wine bottles and other dining items that don’t quite fit in the tight galley.

Our head (bathroom) has everything we need including a medicine cabinet with sliding, mirror doors, sink, and toilet.  “What about a shower?” you say?  Just pull the faucet gently out of the sink stand, and the shower head wand works just great!  White shower curtains line the front and back of the head to keep the walls from getting too wet.  A drain in the floor of the head works as the drain.

Gem&I has two berths (bedrooms).  One is located in the bow (front) of the boat, and this is where we sleep.  It is called a V-berth, because the bed is literally shaped in a V.  The other berth is in the stern (back) of the boat and is called the aft berth.  Right now, we use the aft cabin for storage and houses Damian’s scuba gear, my guitar, extra water, etc.  But we could sleep two people in the aft as a “guest bedroom” when friends and family come to visit.  In addition, the settees can also be used as temporary beds. So technically, we could sleep six people on board if we needed!