IMG_8687To float or not to float, that was the question!

Once we anchored in Dividing Creek, Damian did not waste any time putting the dinghy into the water.  He grabbed the oars and climbed inside off the back of our sailboat.  After securing the little bench, he began to row further and further from our boat.  Together we held our breath to see if the dinghy would remain afloat.  And sure enough, it did!  I was eager to join him in the dinghy too, so Damian circled back so I could climb in too.  Would the dinghy hold both of us?  I put on my life jacket just in case.

It did!  We rowed around our anchored sailboat and then explored the shoreline of the creek.  After awhile, I took a turn at rowing too.  Logs and branches hung low near the creek banks, and we watched for wildlife in the trees.  Managed by the Department of Natural Resources Maryland Park Service, Wye Island (the land surrounding Dividing Creek), is host to ducks, geese, wading birds, Bald Eagles, the endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel, whitetail deer and many other species.  All we saw was a squirrel racing up a tree.  Go figure!

But we were two happy people, because our $1 inflatable dinghy could float and hold us both without popping or sinking or anything else we had conjured up in our heads that would doom it.  So thanks to Bob and Susan from Tiami, we’ve got ourselves a working dinghy.  Now we have the freedom to anchor in more places and explore like we never have before.  I think it’s time to invest in an outboard motor for it, what do you say?