Guess what one generous O Dock neighbor let me try out?!  You guessed it!  Paddle boarding!

Mike from Saba Bound is always trying out what’s new in marine sports and boating.  For instance, he has a propane engine for his dinghy.  And even though it’s gotten bad reviews, he thinks it works just swell for taking his dog on walks and to go to the bathroom while at anchor.  He and his wife Paula have a brand new Jenneau sailboat, and they are both friendly and eager to have fun here on the dock!

So it’s no surprise that he is also the proud owner of the popular, new sport paddle boarding and just so happens to have one on the dock.  He was really excited to have me give it a go.

I was surprised at how tipsy the actual board is.  Balancing is definitely the skill to hone here if you want to be an expert.  Even just getting on the paddle board was a challenge.  It glides right on the water and depending on how much weight you put on either side of it, the board tips in that direction.  The paddle itself gives some support, but overall–it’s an ab workout as balancing from your core is the key to standing up.  I am grateful I did not fall in on my first time out!