Boat projects continue as we make Gem&I more and more like home.  One way we did this was cutting a memory foam mattress pad to fit the triangle shape of our V-berth to make it more comfy, cozy!

We used our Amazon gift card to purchase a queen size memory foam mattress pad and had it shipped to the marina.  Before the day got too hot, I took out all three cushions from the berth and laid them out on the dock.

Then I laid the foam mattress on top of it and realized that the long side of our V-berth is actually wider than a regular queen sized bed.  So I decided to lay the foam mattress pad sideways and use the leftover pieces to fit the acute end once I had the majority cut out.

I traced the outline of the cushions puzzle-pieced together with a black sharpie on the mattress pad and then used scissors to cut on the line I had made.  When I was finished, I out everything back into place inside the boat.  We are amazed at how much a difference the mattress pad makes for us!   We actually think it is more comfortable than now than our regular mattress at the apartment.