How did we finally get our engine to cool down?  How did we get our air conditioning working successfully again?  Yep!  You guessed it!  An ingenious little product with a funny name: Barnacle Buster!

The name might throw you.  I laughed when I first heard the name.  No joke, this solution is a powerful formula that enabled our systems to run smoothly again.  Safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable, this product will eat away the little critters that have grown around and inside the hoses and systems that use the flow of seawater like your boat’s AC unit and diesel engine’s open water system.  Now we swear by this mighty, little product that only costs $26.99 at your local West Marine.

What is wrong with the engine?

Many of you read about our engine running hot for the beginning of the summer.  We were constantly on edge that it would overheat.  We had tried many different ideas to lower the temperature like replacing the coolant and the thermostat.  But nothing seemed to work.  During one of Damian’s online research sessions, he stumbled upon a YouTube video that recommended running Barnacle Buster through the engine and letting the solution sit overnight to clear out the build up of barnacles, mussels, calcium, rust, lime, and other mineral deposits that might have made their home inside our system.

How to use Barnacle Buster

Damian made his way down to our local West Marine on Kent Island to pick up this cost effective product.  When he came back with a jug of the blue liquid, I giggled at its silly name couched in catchy alliteration.  He ran through the process that we would attempt, and we set to work together.  We unhooked the hoses of the open water system that cools the engine with re-circulated seawater.  I used a funnel to pour in the blue formula as Damian started the engine in the cockpit.  The hoses gobbled the gallon up; Damian switched off the engine. And then we waited.

We waited five hours.

Then we ran the engine, and when we did, not only did the blue liquid of the Barnacle Buster come out of the exhaust but it was combined with grey crud that we assumed must have been something preventing our engine from cooling.  Sure enough, Barnacle Buster had worked!  We ran our engine for about thirty minutes, waiting for it to get hot like it had before.  The gauge never went over 162 degrees Fahrenheit.

What else we use Barnacle Buster for

But wait!  Barnacle Buster did not just come to the rescue for our overheating engine!  Barnacle Buster became our new best friend when our AC unit gave out at Solomon’s Island on one of those suffering hot days in July when we baked in the 100+ degree sun and wanted nothing more than to stay cool.  Little did we know that it had become the rest of the boating community’s best friend too.

The story of our AC

Damian rode his fold-up bike up to the West Marine that had been our savior when we had needed to replace our starter battery on the return trip as we brought Gem&I home from Deltaville the first time.  When he arrived at the store, he learned the devastating truth: that they were sold out of Barnacle Buster.  Apparently, others had found out the power of the product and had been using it as a solution to their air conditioning problems too.

Thank God for Barnacle Buster

It wasn’t until we sailed down to Deltaville on one of our all-nighter sailing adventures did Damian obtain the coveted gallon after getting a second-wind after a grueling 18-hour sail south.  He bought the last two jugs the Deltaville West Marine had left.  The three of us (including the cat) were overjoyed with gratitude after running it through the AC hoses, waiting what seemed like an eternity, and then starting it up again.  With baited breath, we watched as brownish crud spewed out of the through-hole as the AC unit chugged up again.  Barnacle Buster had come to our rescue–not once, but twice.  It is now our Number 1, go-to product when one of these crucial systems appears in trouble.

Heard of Barnacle Buster before?

Share with us how you have used Barnacle Buster!  Have you had similar experiences?  What else has worked for cooling your engine successfully or keeping your AC unit unclogged?  Do you have tips or tricks for using this product?