Sailing to music takes the experience to a whole new level!  Here’s some of the tunes that are on my sailing play list!  What’s on your “sailing” play list?

J.J. Heller is an exceptional vocalist, who makes me reflect, ponder, and question about life, love, nature, and God.  Beautiful, simple, guitar –

“Boat Song”

“What Love Really Means”

“Your Hands”

Audrey Assad stirs my heart with her lyrics that enable me to watch the horizon and bask in the truth I know within. Meaningful pianist and lyrics taken from Scripture  –

“I Shall Not Want”


“Abide With Me”

Watermark (Christy and Nathan Nockels) are a worshipful team that lead listeners straight  to the heart of God with their music.

“My Heart Your Home”

“Captivate Us”

“You Are My Stronghold”

Steve Green – Ok, ok, I know he’s old school, but a favorite of my upbringing and has timeless lyrics that still send my heart soaring, especially on a sailboat heel!

“Praise You, I Will Praise You”

Kim Walker’s passionate, emotional, and intense worship is vulnerable and opens the flood gates for the Spirit to pour into one’s soul.

“How He Loves”

“I Have Found”

“Open Up Heaven”

Shannon Wexelberg makes me want to sing!  She is authentic, genuine, and inspired!  Her music makes me want to leap with joy and sail my way through the ocean spray!

“Faithful God”

“Psalm 23”

“The Magnificat”

“Hail to the King”

Keith Green will forever be one of my favorite artists.  Having grown up listening to his heart-felt ballads abundant with authentic vulnerability, joy, and gratefulness for salvation, I am compelled to live my life for the glory of God when I hear these timeless tunes.

“Rushing Wind”

“Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful”

“There Is a Redeemer”

“Easter Song”

Matt Maher has the perfect combination of genuine lyrics that provoke thought and inspire praise.  I discovered him when “Christ Is Risen” became popular, but many other songs resonate the same joy that knowing Jesus brings.

“Christ is Risen”

“Hold Us Together”

“Shout to the King”

“Empty and Beautiful”

“Look Like a Fool”

What’s on your sailing play list?

I would love to hear from you!  What do you like to listen to while you are “sailing” through the waves of your life?  Whether it is actual H2O waves or simply the troughs and crests of the waves that you are rolling through during life that keep your heart alive?