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Plumbers beware!

Problem: clogged drain in the galley sink.  Solution:  No Drano allowed.  Biodegradable options only!  We attempted four potential solutions.  The most disgusting one worked.  Find out how we did it!

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Christina came to visit!

My best friend of a decade, Christina, came to visit us here on the island.  Needless to say, this was not her usual visit: a sail, running aground, and a storm to top it all off!  Adventure?  I’d say so!

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Who said a V-berth can’t be comfortable?

Boat projects continue as we make Gem&I more and more like home.  One way we did this was cutting a memory foam mattress pad to fit the triangle shape of our V-berth to make it more comfy, cozy!

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First time on a paddle board

Guess what one generous O Dock neighbor let me try out?!  You guessed it!  Paddle boarding!

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The saga of our running light

Damian found the running light wires in the anchor locker!

We discovered some time ago that our running lights on Gem&I did not work.  So Damian rigged up an ridiculous-looking flashlight, type thing duct taped to our bowsprit. This make-shift running light shines both green and red, indicating which direction on the boat is heading at night.  I would call it an “eye soar” to say the least.  But it has been one ugly thing to get rid of, because it has taken months for us to determine exactly how to replace it with a real one!

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Anchored at Lovely Cove

We left Chestertown early Friday morning and motored back down the Chester River to a familiar spot shown to us by our sailing parents, Penny and Dave, called Lovely Cove.  Lovely Cove is a peaceful spot at a cozy little bend on Langford Creek.  It is the place where last fall, Damian and I kayaked up the smaller streams and discussed our tentative life plan: the dream we have been living out ever since.  We were both sentimental about going back.

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Howdy from a boat cat!


Hello humans!  Schnitzel here to tell you what it’s like to be a boat cat!  Click on this blog post to see my life on the sailboat in pictures!

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An anchor and hope

My little kitty, Schnitzel, and I on the bow of Gem&I at anchor, enjoying the world around us–that few have the privilege of ever experiencing.

An anchor holds the boat steady from drifting with the wind or the current from a specific location.  When an anchor is set firmly, even the high winds and currents of a mighty storm cannot move a boat.  Reminds me of the hope we have that is like an anchor in Hebrews 6:19-20.

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Chestertown: on bikes!

Damian putting together our fold-up bikes on the dock in front of the Fish Whistle restaurant when we first arrived in Chestertown.

There’s no better way to explore a small waterfront town than on a bike, and since land transportation aboard a sailing vessel is hard to come by, we found “used but in good condition” fold-up bikes for half the price at a sailing thrift store called Bacon’s.  Join us as we motor up the narrowing Chester River and cycle around the town of Chestertown!

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